Katharine Sterry is a Toronto Artist who specializes in a variety of art forms,
including photography, collages and the design of space. Her work represents
an unlimited source of imagery and stories with creations that are an intuitive
exploration of symbolism. In essence, her art is a moment captured in time
and recorded in its chosen medium. Drawing from an emotional reserve,
there is reference to organic forms and the cyclical nature of life…
always from a powerful intuitive female perspective.

Katharine’s unique imagination, search for knowledge, cultural experiences,
curiosity and sense of exploration, as well as her meticulous nature,
has provided her with a fertile ground to grow and experiment with
colour and composition.

Katharine attended Croydon Collage of Design and Technology and Gwent College
of Higher Education. While in the United Kingdom, she successfully mounted
two exhibitions, one of which included her first showing of collages.
On coming to Canada, Katharine continued to explore collage as a primary
art form and has since shown her work at the Station Gallery
in Whitby and the Linton Shaw Gallery in Port Hope.

Please take a moment to explore Katharine’s art found here.
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